Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ira Einhorn Is Named Psychopath

As time marches on it becomes evident that what was once on our minds and part of our lives to one extent or another (via media) eventually fades, and those stories that meant so much so long ago are now only referenced from time to time to serve as support for the story du jour. The Einhorn story has been kept small, in fact, now it is easy to see just how powerful the story of 911 in respect to every other story that got brushed away, like the rubble from the towers. But rubble matters, especially to crackpot analysts like the one in this video. The case of Einhorn is still bizare, but I fear it's a story that is dead, like all the fiction created in its wake. This bloviation is nothing more than ignorant mushmouth. Listen, but you've been warned.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

With Everything The World Has Come

It must be suggested that knowing now what we never could be too certain of previously, I do recommend a very real possibility exists that Ira Einhorn and all of the stories surrounding the murder of Holly Maddux and his great road trip -- well, you knew it'd be presented one day, somewhere... The entire Ira Einhorn story is pure work of fiction.  Not real and acted out on every level.

Without saying too much, it's clear his story is too bizarre for words.  So instead of wasting more time with words, how about some DNA evidence?  Lesser cases have been disproven after such a long period.  I guess we're left wondering, for those of us who ever cared.... wondering and deciding that giving a flying fuck is a bad idea because it'll be nothing but loads of important energy spent on another set of creeps and behind the scenes fraudsters.

The Beatles offered up the sountrack for the Manson murders, but we were blind until enough information to be able to even question the validity of how the story went down.  Otherwise, The Beatles had nothing to do with Manson's supposed terror.

Similarly, the Ira Einhorn affair truly has run its strange course.  It only captivated a small percentage of the country, but I have looked.  What I urge all is to use common sense when you look at the details behind certain cases.  Particularly when looking at a story like Ira Einhorn's story, where there is only one general opinion out there, guilty.
Einhorn couldn't make a wave today kind of how he's never done anything really except perpetuate a faked story of ultimate intrigue. 


Saturday, November 4, 2017

4 Pages Deep

For anyone who wants to read about news articles about Ira Einhorn you will have a difficult journey looking for one with more insight than  Unfortunately you will have a difficult time finding this site unless you dig through all of the Earth Day posts of years past.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

75 Year Old Ira Einhorn Moved to Minimum Security Prison

The geriatric senior, Ira Einhorn, convicted many times for killing Holly Maddux in the 70s, has been moved into a minimum-security prison where it is doubtful that he will once again disappear into the night for another 16-year elopement.

Timing is everything, and just to make sure to make such a move at the optimal media opportunity - one week after Earth Day 2016, Ira got the nod either to show a sense of humor about the whole thing, or perhaps the old man got some prison meatloaf stuck in his gullet.  Who the hell knows...

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Earth Day, Pt 2

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Saturday, April 23, 2016